Blueprints for a Sustainable Future

Communities need the capability to make and repair all kinds of products. 

We believe building a sustainable and equitable future requires local, circular, and small-scale approaches. Education, innovation, and manufacturing can and should be happening at the local level, all over the world. Local production ecosystems can flourish when they are connected by modern technologies and global knowledge.

This site shares practical information on how such manufacturing ecosystems can thrive. It aims to help small businesses, social enterprises, and community ventures that want to make, repair, or innovate with physical things. We have started with a database of business model elements that we call Blueprints link to Blueprints page, and will be adding case studies and other resources.

Organisation types:

Circular Economy
Open Hardware

All information on this site is shared openly under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA 4.0). We encourage you to use, adapt, and build on our work. If you feel like letting us know what you do with it we would love that, both to help us improve and so we can share links to your work.