Anna Sera Lowe

Anna is the founder of Manufacturing Change and a co-founder of the Internet of Production Alliance; the Circular Plastics Research Coalition; and Kumasi Hive (makerspace and innovation hub in Ghana), as well as serving on the steering committee of the Local Procurement Learning Partnership. She has been mentoring local manufacturing companies since 2009, including on programs run by Cherie Blair Foundation, Village Capital, Startup Bootcamp, and the Royal Academy of Engineering. Anna’s work now focusses on local manufacturing business models, and advising governments, the UN, and NGOs on how to localise their supplier base. Anna is based in Scotland, where she loves exploring some of the more remote Highlands & Islands communities.

Martin Oloo

Martin is the founder and CEO of Fablab Winam in Kisumu, Kenya. He serves on the Board of the Association of Countrywide Hubs in Kenya as well as the Supervisory Board of the Global Innovation Gathering. With a great passion for business support and ecosystem building, he has been instrumental in supporting startups & SMEs at different levels. He has built partnerships and initiatives such as Lake Basin Innovation and Investment Week, mSafari Analytics and Kefatra Solar. Martin has a longstanding interest in the financial sustainability of makerspaces and other kinds of innovation hubs. Martin is a Fablearn fellow who has a background in Digital Fabrication and Project Management.

Gertrude Mawuena Goh

Gertrude is a research and project management consultant, living in Ghana where she splits her time between Accra and Kumasi. Most of her work has been focused on innovation and technology in African spaces; the culture and values relating to African hair in African spaces. Gertrude is passionate about women in TVET and STEM, and about capacity building as a route to empowerment. She served for three years as the Executive Manager of the Africa Makerspace Network, managing and growing the community.  Beyond her current scope of work, she’s also interested in entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability matters.