Events & Edutainment

Events & Edutainment


Organising events and fun activities where the focus is on the experience, and learning happens along the way. 

Major variations

Periodic bespoke events such as hackathons versus repeat activities such as fun educational classes for children; participants paying to take part versus other entities paying the associated costs.

Potential impacts

  • Inspiration – getting more people excited about STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) and innovative approaches to problem solving
  • Improving skills of participants (both technical skills and soft skills such as working together) – can help to improve their opportunities
  • Catalysing the formation of startup businesses or social ventures by bringing people together to solve challenging problems


  • This can be an excellent way to generate interest in technology, innovation, or related subjects. The combination of educational content with fun activities is something many people are prepared to pay for. 


  • It can be difficult to do well – effort & creativity is needed to develop engaging content (though there is lots of inspiration online)
  • One-off events may generate excitement but not create lasting impact – you need to think in advance about how you can support participants beyond a single interaction

Complementary models

Supporting others to develop knowledge and skills with the focus on education and certification​

Business model canvas

Key partners

  • Schools, colleges, universities or other education bodies
  • Organisations with an interest in generating solutions to challenges e.g. finding uses for waste
  • Organisations looking to support the growth of new businesses
  • Organisations looking for innovative entertainment options

Key activities

  • Connecting with customers
  • Developing content
  • Running events & activities
  • Follow-up support 

Key resources

  • Personnel to run events
  • Creative activities or real world problems to work on
  • Event location and any equipment or materials needed

Value propositions

  • Taking part in a fun & educational experience
  • Childcare can be part of value proposition for events aimed at children
  • [To companies] Chance to engage customers or potential workers in a different way
  • Potential to create innovative solutions to challenges

Customer relationships

  • May be one-off or repeat interactions
  • Often based around co-creation  – you providing a framework, customers making their own experience from that


  • Social media & local advertising to participants, or via education bodies
  • Build relationships with organisational partners
  • Referrals important

Customer segments

  • Children
  • Adults who want to enjoy themselves while learning
  • Young people who want to gain experience relevant for work
  • Those who want to meet others with similar interests or form teams to tackle challenges

Cost structure

  • Time to develop ideas and content
  • Time to run events
  • Space [if delivered in person]
  • Equipment or materials 
  • Marketing 

Revenue streams

  • Fees to participants
  • Charge organisations who need solutions to problems
  • Sell kits for people to do activities by themselves
  • Sponsorship of events by companies as a CSR* initiative, a marketing initiative, or to help them hire good candidates
  • Blended models where individuals pay part of the cost and companies / govt / donors pay the rest
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