Regular users pay for access to your space and a package of access to assets and services 

Major variations

Limited access or a variety of different levels of access for different membership packages versus unlimited access to all resources. 

Potential impacts

  • Making space, tools, machines, and skills to people in your community for them to be able to solve problems and generate positive impacts
  • Creation and growth of a community of people and organisations with shared interests – this can give rise to all kinds of benefits including generating new ideas or organisations


  • This gives a regular and fairly predictable income stream and enables people to access the resources you provide in a manner that suits them


  • In some places, the people you most want to work with may not be able to afford membership 
  • Balancing the demands of different members can be difficult without proper policies
  • It can be difficult to find the right price points and access levels. Some people will use the services or assets more than others.

Complementary models

Supporting others to develop knowledge and skills with the focus on education and certification​

Business model canvas

Key partners

  • Sources of new members like education institutes or craft associations
  • Machine Manufacturers / Resellers
  • Businesses or NGOs that target your members
  • Government or NGOs who want to support local industry

Key activities

  • Attracting customers
  • Balancing price, access and usage levels
  • Community management
  • Providing services

Key resources

  • Space
  • Community
  • Machines, tools, or equipment
  • Skills in using machines

Value propositions

  • Access to a community
  • Ability to test new ideas, products, or processes
  • Access to machines and tools
  • Opportunity to work on personal projects and develop new skills

Customer relationships

  • Long term relationships with community members


  • Cross-selling from training
  • Co-location: installing services/ machines next to businesses who will use them 
  • Referrals – word of mouth 

Customer segments

  • People who want to learn including schools
  • Startup businesses who want to prototype and experiment
  • Established businesses who use machines in their work (or could do)
  • Entrepreneurs who can use the machines to make money or need certain services on a regular basis

Cost structure

  • Cost of staff
  • Rent or cost of facility 
  • Cost of machines & equipment, including maintenance 
  • Cost of providing any services included in membership packages
  • Advertising and marketing costs 

Revenue streams

  • Membership fees per time period e.g. monthly subscription. There may be different levels of membership for different charges, offering different access (e.g. full time versus part time, or off-peak times only)
  • Some spaces charge a one-off joining fee in addition 
  • Add-on charges for things not included in membership package such as extra machine hours
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