Quality Control​

Quality Control​

This business model element is under development – it is currently being tested with nine makerspaces across Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa under the Innovative Manufacturing in Africa project. The information provided will be updated towards the end of 2023 with the outcomes of that trial. ​


Earning fees for checking the quality of products made by others, to ensure they meet customer requirements or independent standards  

Potential impacts

  • Improving local access to good quality products, components, and spare parts
  • Increasing local production due to increased trust in the quality


  • This could be a good way to earn some revenue at the same time as increasing livelihoods opportunities in the community


  • Will likely require high levels of technical skill as well as process control and attention to detail
  • Contracting may be complex and liability in the event of inadequate product quality may prove to be an issue

Business model canvas

Key partners

  • National standards bodies
  • Universities or test labs with specialised equipment

Key activities

  • Quality control: checking what standards products should meet and verifying they meet them 
  • Contract & risk management

Key resources

  • Manufacturing Engineering expertise
  • Appropriate test equipment

Value propositions

  • Higher quality products 
  • Risk reduction to buyers and sellers as a result of improved product compliance

Customer relationships

  • Trust-based – built on reputation and/or repeated interaction


  • Likely through partner channels

Customer segments

  • Organisations who want to buy locally made products
  • Manufacturing organisations who want to ensure the quality of inputs they buy
  • NGOs running livelihoods programs

Cost structure

  • Time spent on quality control and managing contracts
  • Equipment and consumables used in testing
  • Transport time & costs

Revenue streams

  • Percentage of sale price of items
  • Certification charges  

Complementary models

Providing access to machines, tools, or other equipment for individuals or businesses to use​
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